Choosing a Unit at d’Leedon

There is a total of 1715 Units at d’Leedon. Choosing a suitable unit is not going to be easy unless you have proper help. Due to its unique exterior design, the units may differ from level to level. Here is a short guide to help you narrow down to your desired unit be it for rental or for purchasing. Please call me at 97500397 for further guidance.

There are 4 Categories of Units

1) Compact (Block 11 & 13)

1+Study: 6xx – 7xx sqft

2 BR: 7xx – 9xx sqft

3 BR: 11xx – 12xx sqft

4 BR: 16xx sqft

2) Standard (Blocks 7 & 9)

2 BR: 10xx sqft

2+S: 11xx sqft (Found in Blocks 11 & 13 also)

3 BR: 12xx – 13xx sqft

4 BR: 17xx sqft

3) Deluxe (Blocks 3 & 5)

3 BR: 14xx – 16xx sqft

3+S: 17xx sqft

4 BR: 19xx – 22xx sqft

4) Premium (Block 15)

3 BR: 15xx – 16xx sqft

3+S: 17xx – 18xx sqft

4 BR: 20xx – 24xx sqft

Take a look at the Floor Plans Section to Download the Floor Plans for d’Leedon


Facilities, Facilities, Facilities!

d’Leedon has the MOST comprehensive and one of the largest area for facilities for a condominium in Singapore.

* 3 Pools
* Jacuzzi Area
* Gym
* BBQ Pits
* 3 Tennis Courts

* Full Sized Basketball Court
* Mini Race Track
* Spa Pavilions
* Party Houses
* Event Courts
* 6 Theme Gardens

* Restaurants
* Retail Shops
OR take a short walk to Empress Market!

The Location Map

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The Site Plan

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The Floor Plans

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